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Lublin (Old Town)


An enchanted world wants to outsmart you. You might think that it is so magical and idyllic. Maybe it is but what is the clue? Touch, fell and hear it. All your senses are forced to work. Only the Cat and Alice know where the key is hidden.

Mental House

It would seem that a well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Schmidt, has nothing to hide. But are you so sure? Is there, however, any likelihood that this demonic doc has something on his conscience? Exploring the dark recesses of his cabinet, you come across something that exposes his frantic nature. Lose yourself in the game and feel the thrill during the biggest storm in years, raging just behind your window ...

Jail #3

A prison cell, a perspective of the long-term sentence and the lack of hope for any parole, despite the unjust judgment. Someone framed you. Now you have no choice - you have to do everything to save your life! For several months you have been working on a plan to escape... The prison guard is right next door, you hear his steps, the characteristic sound of his coughing and the jingle of his keys. You have the last chance to get away tonight and try to clear yourself of charges outside the walls!


Not suitable for players under 16.



Fun in escape rooms in Lublin (Old Town) within reach

Did you run out of ideas for Friday's evening? Or maybe you'd like to try something new? Fun in escape room it's a perfect alternative for you! 60 minutes, during which your feelings will be taken to the climax, and every next riddle you'll have to solve, will make you cross the borders of your possibilities. Are you ready?

Escape Room for companies

Let Me Out Lublin - Old Town Escape Room is the perfect entertainment for the integration company. These are the Escape Room in office, during training trips and corporate picnics outdoors. Depending on the needs guarantee great fun, provide effective team building, and above all integrate in realizing the vision and strategy of the company.

Escape Room Lublin - Old Town
ul. Złota 6 (1. piętro)
tel: +48 885 222 588

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Escape Rooms in Lublin - Old Town
ul. Złota 6 (1. piętro)
tel: +48 885 222 588
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